How to copy playlist to other iPod on your PC?

Movavi iCopy

Movavi iCopy is an indispensable addition to your iPod media library. Use it to transfer iPod content to iTunes. Move your videos, music, podcasts, and playlists between iPods and PCs. Backup your iPod - now there's no risk of losing your iTunes collection!

Movavi iCopy

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How to copy playlist to other iPod on your PC?

Copy playlist from one iPod to other iPods in simplest way

If you have more than one iPod, do you know how to share other iPod media files ? If you don't know, please try Movavi iCopy which is a kind of copy software to help you copy one iPod playlists to other iPod.

iPod copy software How to copy iPod playlist to other iPods "How do I transfer my identical playlist? I can't copy the iTunes list becasue it's mixed with someone else's songs so I need to know how to copy one iPod playlist to other iPod?"
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Although many people think that iPod is good enough, it still don't satisfy all your aspirations because of the uniqueness of Apple products, the function of iPod is limited. We cannot copy the iPod playlist from iPod to other place directly. So we need a copy tool which enables iPod users to copy playlist to other iPod and computer in simplest steps.

The way to copy iPod to other iPod Here we recommend you the excellent copy software - Movavi iCopy, which can give you a great help. Movavi iCopy is so convenient that you can copy ipod music and video playlist to computer, iTunes library, and another iPods easily and safely. It will make your iPod life more colorful!

Buy it now, let your life with full of music melody!

Step-by-step Guide: How to copy playlist to other iPod on your PC

Next part, I will tell you how to copy playlist to other iPod with Movavi iCopy. However, you can download Movavi iCopy or buy its registered version first and then install it to your computer correctly.

Steps to copy playlist between iPods

Step1: Attach your iPod to your computer.

Attach your iPod to your computer and start Movavi iCopy. The playlists of your iPod will display in the Media library pane.

Attach iPod to computer

Step2: Select media playlist want to copy from your iPod.

Select playlist you want to copy in the Media library pane. In order to choose all files, just check the Name check box.

Tips: If the new files have not been created on the iPod yet, click the iPod icon at the top of the Media library pane to display all media files stored on the device.

Select playlist you want to copy

Step3: Set for the output iPod playlist

a. Choose the folder where you want to copy the playlist to;
b. Select the Overwrite existing files check box to replace the old files with the newly created ones;
Specify the output directory

d. Click Download, the playlist will be copied to the specified location very quickly.

Movavi iCopy is the best choice for you to make full use of your iPod. It can help you classify video and audio files, copy your music and video playlists from iPod to iTunes, computers and other iPods, let you don't worry about the losing of the iPod media files even your computer crashes.

What are you waiting for, buy it to have a full iPod life!

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Here's what you can do with Movavi iCopy

  • Transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes
  • Secure your iPod media content by copying it to your PC
  • Backup iPod music, podcasts, and videos in three simple steps
  • Move media content between multiple iPods
  • Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home
  • Work with all iPod models
  • Get all your iPod files automatically organized by playlists
  • Access all this functionality through an intuitive, straightforward interface
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