How to Transferring files from iPod to iTunes?

Movavi iCopy

Movavi iCopy is an indispensable addition to your iPod media library. Use it to transfer iPod content to iTunes. Move your videos, music, podcasts, and playlists between iPods and PCs. Backup your iPod - now there's no risk of losing your iTunes collection!

Movavi iCopy

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How to Transferring files from iPod to iTunes?

Transferring files from iPod to iTunes

One of the failings of iTunes is the inability to transfer files from the iPod to your iTunes library without the third party utilities, but that doesn't matter, our Movavi iCopy makes your dream come to be true!

Transferring files from iPod to iTunesTransferring files from iPod to iTunes Transferring iPod files to iTunes?
" My iTunes is empty because I reinstalled it on PC, now i want to transfer files of iPod to iTunes. You know that iTunes is set by default to replace iPod library with the desktop library the first time they are partnered, let alone transfer iPod files to itunes. How can I do? Please give me a suggestion! "
---- from an iTunes user
Apple's iTunes is a useful iPod file manager and much more. But if your computer crashes or somthing like that, your iTunes library will be empty. The danger then is that the next time you sync your iPod with iTunes, the latter may delete everything on your iPod!

Transferring files from iPod to iTunesNow, the above problem is no longer a pain for you, our Movavi iCopy, a perfect third party software, just enables you to transfer files from iPod to iTunes without the risking of syncronizing your iPod by iTunes! It is capable of transferring vedios, images, music as well as playlists of iPod to iTunes! Its powerful functions just serve you well!

Sounds wonderful? Buy it now to enjoy yourself!

Step-by-step Guide: How to transfer files from iPod to iTunes.

In this paragraph below will tell you how to use Movavi iCopy totransfer files from iPod to iTunes. Firstly, you need to download Movavi iCopy or buy registered version (Only $29.95) and install it to your computer.
How to transfer files from iPod to iTunes? - Play list

Step1: Start Movavi iCopy on computer.

Plug your iPod into your computer and double-click Movavi iCopy icon on desktop. The playlists of your iPod will appear on the Media library pane as below.
How to transfer files from iPod to iTunes? - Start Movavi iCopy on computer

Step2 : Select files from the library.

In the Media library pane, select a file from which you want to transfer. All details from the selected files will be displayed.
Tips: If files have not been created on the iPod yet, click the iPod icon at the top of the Media library pane to display all files stored on the device.
How to transfer files from iPod to iTunes? - Select files from the library

Step3 : Set for the output files.

Click the icon next to the Output directory field and choose a necessary folder. If necessary, select "Overwrite existing files" to replace old files with the newly created ones and the "Copy Folder Structure" to keep the structure of files when transferring files from iPod to itunes.
How to transfer files from iPod to iTunes? - Set for the output files
Tips: Select the "Add to iTunes" check box under the Output directory field, you can copy iPod files to iTunes on your computer directly.

So what are you waiting for, just buy it to have a perfect iPod life!

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Here's what you can do with Movavi iCopy

  • Transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes
  • Secure your iPod media content by copying it to your PC
  • Backup iPod music, podcasts, and videos in three simple steps
  • Move media content between multiple iPods
  • Enjoy your media files on any PC at work or at home
  • Work with all iPod models
  • Get all your iPod files automatically organized by playlists
  • Access all this functionality through an intuitive, straightforward interface
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